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2018 Trussville Pickleball Charity Classic


Young Girl that donated money to help "the sick kids".


Mixed Doubles Age 60+ (Gold: Kim Youngblood/Phil Gardner, Silver: Susan Cook/Paul Wooten, Bronze: Deb Dell/Stephen Giles)
Mixed Doubles 3.0 Group A (Gold: Shaneay Sharpton/Bilal Sharpton, Silver: Dawn McCoy/Jeff McCoy, Bronze: Nora Pettry/Buddy Pettry II)
Mixed Doubles 3.0 Group B (Gold: Beth Conwell/Bill Furtner, Silver: Sidna Tong/Chris Emmerke, Bronze: Penny Lamb/Daniel Katz)
Mixed Doubles 3.5 <55 (Gold: Gail Furtner/Joe Hilliard, Silver: Beth McCullough/Ken McCullough, Bronze: Eugenie Candon/KK Kennemore)
Mixed Doubles 3.5 55+ (Gold: Joni Maloy/LIndsey Inman, Silver: Casey Soule/Ryan Soule, Bronze: Sharon Heller/Scott Kelosky)
Mixed Doubles 4.0 (Gold: Helen Fullard/Ryan Sheffield, Silver: Donna Land/Khalid Holmes, Bronze: Katrina Trotter/Jason Mann)
Mixed Doubles 4.5, 5.0 (Gold: Katie Dyer/Jesse Taylor, Silver: Perry Wright/Jesse Hicks, Bronze: Jodi Krayer/Jarick Rager)


Women's Doubles 3.0 (Gold: Deb Dell/Donna Keasling, Silver: Shannon Campbell/Carol Griffith, Bronze: Laraine Marsh/Judy Teague)
Women's Doubles 3.5 (Gold: Sharon Heller/Helen Fullard, Silver: Gail Furtner/Stacey NeSmith, Bronze: Beth McCullough/Kate Lahti)
Women's Doubles 4.0, 4.5 (Gold: Sarah O'Brien/Karen Parrish, Silver: Donna Land/Eugenie Candon, Bronze: Jodi Krayer/Katrina Trotter)
Men's Doubles Age 60-64 (Gold: Stephen Giles/Jerry Schlessel, Silver: John Hilliard/Chuck Treece, Bronze: Bubba Bullington/Roy Daigle)
Men's Doubles Age 65+ (Gold: Randy DeArment/Bob Huskey, Silver: Bud McRee/Leon Candella, Bronze: Grady Sparks/Jim Young)
Men's Doubles 3.0 <40 (Gold: Michael Smith/Jarvis Jones, Silver: Phil Herrington/Jared Herrington, Bronze: Andy Coleman/Justin Sanders)
Men's Doubles 3.0 40+ (Gold: Chris Emmerke/Bill Furtner, Silver: Rick Serrention/Dewayne Davis, Bronze: Jeff McCoy/Buddy Pettry II)
Men's Doubles 3.5 <38 (Gold: Khalid Holmes/Mark O'Brien, Silver: Thomas Tygart/Stephen Tygart, Bronze: Maurice Long/KK Kennemore)
Men's Doubles 3.5 38+ (Gold: Keith Pugh/Phil Gardner, Silver: Bill Maloy/Lindsey Inman, Bronze: Scott Kelosky/Craig Murray)
Men's Doubles 4.0 (Gold: Mark Gilbreath/Vance Harris, Silver: Ken McCullough/Doyle Lahti, Bronze: William Naylor/Brandon Crossman)
Men's Doubles 4.5, 5.0 (Gold: Andrew Felsenthal/Jarick Rager, Silver: Jesse Taylor/Jeff Carlson, Bronze: Sam Wasko, Jr./Scott Golden)


Men' Singles Age 60+ (Gold: Lindsey Inman, Silver: Don Wheeler, Bronze: David Barron)
Men's Singles 3.0 <36 (Gold: Michael Smith, Silver: Jarvis Jones, Bronze: Bilal Sharpton)
Men's Singles 3.0 36+ (Gold: KK Kennemore, Silver: Kim Sharpton, Bronze: Matt Hand)
Men's Singles 3.5 (Gold: Maurice Long, Silver: Khalid Holmes, Bronze: Adam Little)
Men's Singles 4.0 (Gold: Ryan Sheffield, Silver: Holt Gray, Bronze: Sam Wasko III)
Men's Singles 4.5, 5.0 (Gold: Andrew Felsenthal, Silver: Sam Wasko, Jr., Bronze: Scott Golden)
Mens Doubles Age Groups
Bracket Gold Silver Bronze
Mens Doubles Age Groups 60-64 Stephen Giles/Jerry Schlessel John Hilliard/Chuck Treece Bubba Bullington/Roy Daigle
Mens Doubles Age Groups 65+ Randy DeArment/Bob Huskey Bud McRee/Leon Candella Grady Sparks/Jim Young
Mens Doubles Skill Groups
Bracket Gold Silver Bronze
Mens Doubles Skill Groups 3.0 <40 Michael Smith/Jarvis Jones Phil Herrington/Jared Herrington Andy Coleman/Justin Sanders
Mens Doubles Skill Groups 3.0 40+ Chris Emmerke/Bill Furtner Rick Serrention/Dewayne Davis Jeff McCoy/Buddy Pettry II
Mens Doubles Skill Groups 3.5 <38 Khalid Holmes/Mark O'Brien Thomas Tygart/Stephen Tygart Maurice Long/KK Kennemore
Mens Doubles Skill Groups 3.5 >38 Keith Pugh/Phil Gardner Bill Maloy/Lindsey Inman Scott Kelosky/Craig Murray
Mens Doubles Skill Groups 4.0 Mark Gilbreath/Vance Harris Ken McCullough/Doyle Lahti William Naylor/Brandon Crossman
Mens Doubles Skill Groups 4.5, 5.0 Andrew Felsenthal/Jarick Rager Jesse Taylor/Jeff Carlson Sam Wasko, Jr./Scott Golden
Mens Singles Age Groups
Bracket Gold Silver Bronze
Mens Singles Age Groups 60+ LIndsey Inman Don Wheeler David Barron
Mens Singles Skill Groups
Bracket Gold Silver Bronze
Mens Singles Skill Groups 3.0 <36 Michael Smith Jarvis Jones Bilal Sharpton
Mens Singles Skill Groups 3.0 36+ KK Kennemore Kim Sharpton Matt Hand
Mens Singles Skill Groups 3.5 Maurice Long Khalid Holmes Adam Little
Mens Singles Skill Groups 4.0 Ryan Sheffield Holt Gray Sam Wasko III
Mens Singles Skill Groups 5.0,4.5 Andrew Felsenthal Sam Wasko, Jr. Scott Golden
Mixed Doubles Age Groups
Bracket Gold Silver Bronze
Mixed Doubles Age Groups 60+ Kim Youngblood/Phil Gardner Susan Cook/Paul Wooten Deb Dell/Stephen Giles
Mixed Doubles Skill Groups
Bracket Gold Silver Bronze
Mixed Doubles Skill Groups 3.0 Group A Shaneay Sharpton/Bilal Sharpton Dawn McCoy/Jeff McCoy Nora Pettry/Buddy Pettry II
Mixed Doubles Skill Groups 3.0 Group B Beth Conwell/Bill Furtner Sidna Tong/Chris Emmerke Penny Lamb/Daniel Katz
Mixed Doubles Skill Groups 3.5 Gail Furtner/Joe Hilliard Beth McCullough/Ken McCullough Eugenie Candon/KK Kennemore
Mixed Doubles Skill Groups 3.5 Joni Maloy/LIndsey Inman Casey Soule/Ryan Soule Sharon Heller/Scott Kelosky
Mixed Doubles Skill Groups 4.0 Helen Fullard/Ryan Sheffield Donna Land/Khalid Holmes Katrina Trotter/Jason Mann
Mixed Doubles Skill Groups 4.5, 5.0 Katie Dyer/Jesse Taylor Perry Wright/Jesse Hickey Jodi Krayer/Jarick Rager
Womens Doubles Skill Groups
Bracket Gold Silver Bronze
Womens Doubles Skill Groups 3.0 Deb Dell/Donna Keasling Shannon Campbell/Carol Griffith Laraine Marsh/Judy Teague
Womens Doubles Skill Groups 3.5 Sharon Heller/Helen Fullard Gail Furtner/Stacey NeSmith Beth McCullough/Kate Lahti
Womens Doubles Skill Groups 4.0, 4.5 Sarah O'Brien/Karen Parrish Donna Land/Eugenie Candon Jodi Krayer/Katrina Trotter

Grow Global, Start Local

The number who know about the sport and getting on the courts is quickly increasing. It's been called the fastest-growing sport in America. Please let us know if you play pickleball in the Trussville, Birmingham metro, or surrounding areas!